Product Information

What is your neon lighting solution?

All our lighting solutions use a LED Flexible Neon, which is specially designed solution to replace traditional glazed neon in signing. It is perfect for any home, especially in children's bedrooms as it is safe, reliable and low cost.

How safe is your Neon signs?

Our LED neon produces relatively no heat, there is no gas or risk of shattering/breakage of glass like traditional Neon. It is made entirely of PVC and acrylic which is safe to touch and good for the environment.

How do you Neon Signs connect to Power?

All our signs connect directly into a standard power socket, they dont require hard wiring like traditional Neon. The Shapes are 240V and the custom words/names are 12V with a transformer. Safe for any kids bedroom.

How long will your signs last?

Each LED bulb generally has a lifespan of 50,000 hours which means if it is on everyday 24 hours a day it will generally last 5-6 years, which is a long time. If purchased, the signs come with dimmers which can greatly enhance this time.

What if I want something different?

If you have a special design we can cater for you. Send an email with your details and we will arrange a special quote.

Also, check out our Neon Poodle vs Traditional Neon table here.

Quality Information

My neon sign has a few smudges on it around the neon, why?

All our lights are completely hand-made and in the production process some of the special glue used to fix the item may leave a slight clear stain. This is perfectly safe and when fixed to the wall, usually this isn't visible. If you have any questions, please contact us.