Desert Dweller

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Go bold or go home. Quintessentially different, this oozes style and originality. Offered in a range of colours to suit your individual taste, Neon Poodle’s Cactus Neon light can bring character and illuminate any space with ease. Vivid colours and a comical design makes this a firm favourite with our customers.

Make a statement in your home, office or shop with this quirky cactus neon light.

There are smaller versions of this design available on our site.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a room or space anywhere, you can order a custom neon light in any design, colour, shape or size from Neon Poodle.

Easy Operation

It comes with an exclusive touch-controlled dimmer that allows you to easily turn the intensity of the light up or down as you please. With a market-leading lowest level setting, it can serve as an excellent night light on the ultra-dim mode. This is lower than almost all of our competitors offer and something we are very proud of.


The neon is fixed to high-quality clear acrylic that delivers a much stronger product and a reduced risk of breakage. They can last for up to 50,000 hours or 12 years of continuous use. This lifetime is the equivalent of running the light on full power, every day for 12 years.

Quality Materials

This neon sign is constructed with LED flexible neon. SAA Australian Safety certified transformers are used with each country’s specific needs being accounted for.

Warranty Included

We offer an exclusive warranty period that outperforms most of our competitors. This is a two-year warranty on all transformers, dimmers and LED neon components.


It includes 2 meters of thin (3mm) of transparent power cable which connects to normal power socket through a 12V wall transformer. It is safe to use and the transparent power cable blends in nicely to most surroundings with ease.

Product Specifics

Measurements: Size: 26cm wide by 50cm high

Colour Options: Stocked in Hot Pink and Bright Green

We can also provide Red, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Cool White and Warm White colour choices on request. This could extend the lead-time for delivery as your neon will need to be custom-made. The lead times for custom neons are typically between 3-4 weeks.

Caution: The intended use for this sign is internally only. Please do not try to use outdoors.



Desert Dweller
Desert Dweller